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Worship in Grace

3rd April 2018

Whether you attend youth regularly, or every once in awhile, I want to ask you, what is Youth Rally to you? Is it a different Friday night, with more music and some refreshments after? Is it a night with different creative elements that makes everything seem more attractive?

For me, it means a night where I reconnected with God.

As someone who was born in a non-Christian background, attending church had always been an on-and-off experience. There were days when I loved coming to youth group and other days when I just wanted to go out with friends.

During the first half year of 2012, I was completely distant with God. I hadn’t been coming to youth group. No matter how many times people invited me back, I always came up with excuses.

Yet God didn’t forsake me. A couple of weeks before the event, a friend I had at the time invited me to rally. An invitation card was given and I couldn’t remember what moved me, I just said sure.

It had been months since I last stepped into church. Yet I felt peace the moment I sat down as the night unveiled. The topic of the night was Worship in Grace. I remember there was a person, covered with words on his body. Words like guilt, jealousy and theft. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t wash off these sins he had been living with.

Until he met Jesus, and understood how the blood of Jesus could save him.

Thinking back, I believe God has a timing for everything. Although I had always felt youth group was a home for me, I didn’t encounter God until after rally. God pulled me up in my darkest time. He reminded me again of His Grace when I was unsure if He could love me after what I did. This is my testimony.

This year’s youth rally topic is Love On The Line. Our theme scripture is:

For God so loved the world He sent His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16

I want to take this time to personally invite you to attend this year’s rally. God is always moving within us. If this is your first time attending church, this is the night to start exploring about God’s love for us. If you’ve been to church a few times, I invite you to specifically attend this night. It is going to impact your life, whether on the night or after the night. If you’ve been attending church regularly, this is the night to be reminded again of how great His love is.

My testimony was about Grace. What will your testimony be?

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