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Will You Be My Valentine?

17th May 2018

Valentine - Hillsong Worship

To woo us back from death and woe A valentine to a faithless world
Every wayward heart You pursue us all
And in kindness call us home

I am a girl and when I was young, I’ve always wanted a guy to show me he loves me by willing to die for me. Like Prince Charming riding on a white horse, fighting a dragon and sacrificing himself just to save me. How romantic and unrealistic did that sound? But the crazy thing is, Jesus did!

This song reminded me that Jesus is our valentine, even when the world rejected Him, didn’t know Him, didn’t love Him back, He still chose to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus was willing to die for you and me to show us just how much He loves us. He didn’t do it out of obligation but out of grace and kindness, though we turn away from Him, He pursues us. He runs after us just to bring us home to Him.

This world is Yours My God this world is Yours
All You made to be Yours
I know You love us all

I love the simplicity and power of the chorus as it is a love declaration of adoration. Jesus, I am yours. Just like telling your loved one how much you love them, the lyrics of the chorus is declaring our love for Jesus. I love you, I am yours, thank you for your love and grace.

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