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Grace- Too Good to be True?

22nd February 2018

Recently, there is a book that I’ve been reading; it’s called “Jesus is________.* (Highly recommend you to read it, because it is really interesting)*

One of the chapters mentioned how we treat ‘grace’ these days.

I like the part where the author made a metaphor about Grace. He said that Grace is like an amusement park (he named it ‘Grace Land’), where everything in there is free and fun. Then, here is us, staying at another park called ‘Worthy World’, which the motto is “you only get what you deserve”. In this world, we pay for everything because this is reality. When we found out the existence of ‘Grace Land’, we sometimes refuse to enter because it is too good to be true. We often think that we have to work hard or to do something in order to get into ‘Grace Land’.

However, the truth is we don’t have to.

God has provided this because he loves us. It is that simple. His grace is abundant and relentless.

Last year, I had been through several uncertain situations accompanied with anxiety, fear and frustration. During those times, I read Psalms every night and found out that God has promised us so much. There were so many scriptures that mentioned about peace and refuge and that is exactly what I needed at then. I prayed to God and asked Him to calm my heart and do the work in me. I surrendered everything to Him and acknowledged that I could have done nothing without Him.

God’s grace had fell upon me after my prayer.

Fear had disappeared, and day after day, my heart was filled with peace. There was a strong feeling telling me that everything is going to be alright. My faith had grown as I know that God will guide me and he would never fail his provisions.

This was the grace that he gave me, making uncertainty into certainty.

Thinking back, it was actually too good to be true. I mean I only expected God to do 30% of the work because all that fear and uncertainty were the consequences of my sin. But BOOOOM!! There is God who did 100% of the work and provided the best outcome for me. (Literally shouted “Thank you! Thank you! I LOVE YOU!” like a hundred times deep down inside my heart)

I realized that to receive grace, all I had to do was to trust him and fully leave the burden to Him.

God’s grace is always good and true.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the abundant grace that you’ve given in my life. I know I do not deserve it but because you love me; you always provide the best for me. I pray that every day I’m able to recognize your grace and have an appreciative heart towards it. I also ask for passion and motivation to know you more and to get closer to you. I want you to be in my life, guide me, be the only thing that I desire. I pray that in grace, I am able to enjoy your love and glorify your name.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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