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Holy Spirit Helps You Decide

7th October 2017

For the past few days, I have been through some dramas with my assessments and it made me realized how good it is to have God in my life and let Him take control of my
hardships. I am very thankful for what God has blessed me with and peace have been with me the whole time.

This week is my first week of holiday, which I can say, the most enjoyable moment of my life. On the other hand, last week was the most hectic and crazy week I’ve experienced
so far. I had three projects from three different courses due in that same week, each of them worth fifty percent of my course marks. Which were clear indications that I could not fail and ad the achieve the highest grades possible. The first two projects that were due, were products I was satisfied with. Now I just had to worry about the very last project, which was due the next day.

As I was working non-stop the night before, I was very satisfied with what I’ve got at that moment. However, everything went terribly wrong, it almost horrified me. The next day when I logged in to one of the computers at Uni, I plugged my USB in, as usual, looking for my file. Just as I opened up the USB window, I realized all my files were garbled. And it was like a punch in my head. I panicked. I quickly unplugged my USB and plugged it in
again, but nothing’s changed. Then a window popped up on the screen saying,"We have detected an error in your USB, would you like to repair it?" It was like the only thing I had left, and the word “repair” has become my only hope to get all my files and THE project back. So without hesitation, I clicked repair. Guess what happened next, it starts to REFORMAT everything! I was shocked.

All the work I have done, the hours I have invested in just vanished in a blink. The worst thing was, I did not back up any of my file and had to hand in THE project by 12 o’clock midnight. I was given less than 12 hours to redo everything, which was impossible for me to redo a huge project that I spent more than 50 hours on. There were two different thoughts in my mind, one was telling me, "To just give in. Why bother? You are not going to make it anyways, just retake the course next year, it won’t hurt." But Another voice in my head said, "Do your best, and God will take care of you."

What would you choose?

It was obvious if I went with the first option, giving in, I would not have to suffer and stress myself out. It was offering me a sweet treat in that hopeless situation. It was a long thought I had to say, that it almost got me.

Just as I decided to give in, I cried out to God for help, because in my mind I knew I didn’t want to retake the course. It would be such a waste of effort, time and money. I prayed to God that I need Him. Then, the voice of temptation went quiet. I felt there was peace and somehow I felt like I could make it, although it seemed impossible. I decided to follow God’s voice.

Praise the Lord. He allowed me to finish my entire project less than 12 hours. I am so thankful for what He has blessed me with. I want to share two bible verses that have been with me the whole time.

But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
- Matthew 19:26 (ESV)

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
-Philippians 4:13 (ESV)

God is my strength and in Him, there is peace in any hopeless situation. When I think of His words in the bible, temptation cannot reach me anymore, because God protects us from the evil ones, He, our shepherd will guide His sheep to the green pasture, to where that is good for us.Through this unexpected situation, I again realize how important it is to put on the armor of God in every single moment of our lives because temptation is everywhere. Have faith in God and make things possible.

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