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20th February 2018

Grace, what does this word mean to you? Perhaps you may know someone named Grace? According to Oxford dictionary grace is known as, ‘smoothness and elegance of movement, or courteous good will’. But according to the Christian belief it is, ‘the free unmerited favour of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and bestowal of blessing’. Now what does this even mean and how does it relate to you?

When I am asked about Grace I immediately think of a parent’s love for their child. About how undeserving we are when we receive it. Imagine your parents had a extremely precious vase and one day you accidentally knocked it over, cutting your hand, but ultimately thinking to yourself “Oh no, what should I do, my mum and dad are going to kill me.” You soon hear thumping footsteps of your parents walking over to check out what caused the loud noise and in your mind you begin stimulating scenarios of what you should do. “Should I just bolt out the door so they might think the vase fell over by itself? But I can’t, it has my blood all over the scene so that’s not going to work.” “Hmm, what about a baseball flew in through the window and broke the vase? No, that seems a bit far fetched, no one ever plays baseball around here.” Then you hear a loud scream from your mum exclaiming, “What happened here?!”

Upon seeing your hand, she rushes over to check the injury and as you attempt to come up with an excuse. She cuts you off but keeps asking in a worried and panicked tone, “Are you okay?? Does it hurt a lot?” Again as you try to explain how the vase broke, she has already gone to get bandaids for your hands, and does not even care about the fact that the vase is broken. By now the guilt within is just killing you, and all you want to do now is apologise for what you have done. Finally, you muster up the courage to tell them that you accidentally broke the vase and expect them to scold you harshly for it, but instead they reply “Oh that's all right, as long as you are okay.” Completely baffled and speechless after seeing their reaction being completely opposite to what you were expecting, you start to think to yourself…. Why?

In our parents eyes, more valuable than any case or precious metals of silver or gold, the most valuable treasure is their children. Similarly, our Father in Heaven loves us, and showers us with unconditional love, for we are His most valuable treasures, as His sons and daughters. As we choose to accept the ultimate gift that God gave us -which is his son Jesus-, as we believe and confess our sins to him, we are immediately forgiven and you no longer have to continue to live in sin and guilt.

So are you willing to accept this grace God is giving you?

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