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Being Thankful

21st October 2017

Think about this question, during what circumstances are we truly thankful in life? When you get a good grade? When you finally graduate? When you find that dream job? Getting your first pay check? Or maybe even when you finally find your other half.

All these thing definitely deserve to be thankful for. But on top of that let us not forget about the small things that happen every day we can be thankful to God for. To have a roof over our heads, having amazing people surrounding you who you know got your back, not having to worry about food or water, in fact in terms of quality of life Australia ranks 2nd in the entire world!

Recently, I was reminded to always be thankful by a friend as he shared about him trying to remember pray before driving. Though driving to him is second nature by now and he can pretty much be on auto pilot all the time, but remembering back to his first time driving above 80km/h he was super nervous and thoughts that ran through his mind was, wow driving at this speed could actually kill me. When he said this I thought to myself, this is so true more often than not we don’t think about these things in life, like how something like driving at 100km/h could so easily kill us.

So let us be constantly reminded to not put our minds on auto-pilot, not just when driving but also in life. Try to actively look and remember things that you can be thankful for and thank God for allowing it to happen. Let us learn from Apostle Paul as he found things to be thankful for even imprisonment. For in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Paul says:

...give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Being thankful is a choice and decision that we can make anytime and anywhere in our lives.

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