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An Invitation

7th April 2018

In the 8 years I’ve been at church, one of the many reasons I continue to serve is the people. I love witnessing their spiritual journey, from not knowing who God is to whole-heartedly and passionately serving Jesus. To be able to witness their growth and change is what keeps my fire burning for Jesus. This is why I say “Yes, Jesus! Use me to bring more people to church so they can encounter Your love and grace.”

From the first youth rally I attended, I’ve always been involved with serving. Seeing how such a big event was created from start to finish with a huge team behind it, months of planning and late night rehearsals, it was all worth it. I still get goosebumps when I think back to how many lives were changed, the hands that shot up during altar calls, declaring Jesus is their Lord and Saviour, hungering to know who this God is and why He loves us so much.

A two-hour life-changing event needs a God that can do miracles and a humble team willing to sacrifice their times to prepare. But from my past few years of experience, Rally is more than just decorations, video-making, skit choreography, refreshment preparation and worship rehearsals. What’s the point of it all if there’s no one to share the gospel to? The most important step to someone’s life being changed by God at Rally starts with an invitation.

I often get so caught up in the planning I forget the caring. I get stressed when things go wrong, when time runs out. I want to make things perfect I forget I serve a God who cares about people rather than the project. But God is good and His Spirit nudges me to remind me of the team working hard behind the scenes, they are here because someone first invited them.

An invitation to church sounds simple but for them to agree and be willing to come is quite difficult. Behind a simple invitation is a relationship. I want to encourage you now, before the invitation, start with a conversation.

God is love. He first loved us so we can love others. So show God’s love to your friends; care for them and build a relationship with them. Trust me, the invitation will be easy and their answer will be YES. They would want to experience this life-changing event and encounter His grace. They would want to meet Jesus and understand how He put His love on the line for those who don’t yet know Him.

Through the love story of Hosea and Gomer, my prayer is for those we invite to know their love story with Jesus. And it all starts with an invitation.

Who are you going to invite?

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